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Nothing is good. Nothing is bad. Thinking makes it so. You are in control of your situation. Listen to Steve White’s mindset advice on this episode of Boardroom Zen.

Boardroom Zen

Steve White shares what it means to achieve your goals. An excerpt: “Dream big. As we mature, we tend to leave our childlike ambitions behind. Once you start putting limitations on yourself, your ability to dream big goes away. If you would have told me I would lead thousands of people, inspire others to follow their why, or author a book, my younger self would have said, “No way.” When I think about people who dream big, world-class athletes come to mind. They expect to win! I believe this mindset stems from one of the defining qualities of an effective leader that I mentioned earlier. People who succeed at great things in life have a vision in which they firmly believe and that’s rooted in their why.”

Adam Mendler

Steve White recently contributed an article to the Association for Talent Development ATD. He lists five factors to consider when you aren’t promoted.
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Association for Talent Development

How do you go from the projects to the President of Comcast (#28 on the Fortune 500)? Listen to Steve White share his inspirational story of embracing extreme ownership and betting big, one courageous decision at a time!

The Austin Agency

Why do we need to be uncompromising? In this episode of Incorporating Superpowers, host Justin Recla welcomes Steve White, the President Special Council to the CEO of Comcast leading 30,000 people. He ran a section of Comcast that did 18 billion in revenue. And now, he has written a book about his journey called Uncompromising. Steve’s message is that we all need a hand up, not a handout.

Incorporating Superpowers

Steve White points out a major reality of success, “Reaching the highest levels of success is never a straight line; the road to success is actually a crooked road; getting comfortable with uncertainty.”


How does a poor kid from the housing projects make it to the corporate boardroom? For Steve White, it’s the result of an uncompromising attitude and work ethic.

The Athletics of Business

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