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Steve White shares what it means to achieve your goals. An excerpt: “Dream big. As we mature, we tend to leave our childlike ambitions behind. Once you start putting limitations on yourself, your ability to dream big goes away. If you would have told me I would lead thousands of people, inspire others to follow their why, or author a book, my younger self would have said, “No way.” When I think about people who dream big, world-class athletes come to mind. They expect to win! I believe this mindset stems from one of the defining qualities of an effective leader that I mentioned earlier. People who succeed at great things in life have a vision in which they firmly believe and that’s rooted in their why.”

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Steve White points out a major reality of success, “Reaching the highest levels of success is never a straight line; the road to success is actually a crooked road; getting comfortable with uncertainty.”


White not only pays it forward by helping local youth but also through writing a book to give others a guide for success. Also, his book is a thank you to everyone that had a positive impact on his life. He makes his author debut with the book titled Uncompromising, which is available now and can be purchased in audio and hardcover

The Quintessential Gentleman

Steve White is a man with an inspiring life and an incredible legacy. He began his journey as the child of a single mother from the housing projects with obstacles set in the way of his success. And yet as a man of faith who embraced his “why,” he overcame the difficulties and is now one of the most successful Black leaders in the nation as the President of Comcast.

Urban Faith

On this edition of In Black America, producer/host John L. Hanson Jr. speaks with Steven A. White, president and special counsel to the CEO of Comcast and author of Uncompromising: How an Unwavering Commitment to Your Why Leads to an Impactful Life and a Lasting Legacy.

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The key messages in my book focus on seven pathways that have guided me throughout my adult life and helped me find my fight, live my why, and serve a greater purpose.


In episode 2, Steve discusses employee growth from an organizational and employee perspective. Organizationally, he shares how leaders can and should ensure their teams are experiencing growth, fair promotions, and healthy cultures.

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Local news affiliates feature Steve White to discuss their segment titled “Surviving Corporate America.” Steve White shares his insights on finding your fight and living an uncompromising life even in the face of a high-stress modern workplace.

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As president of Comcast’s West Division for eleven years, Steve White created a culture defined by the catchphrase “Working Together to Win Together.”

Driven by continuous learning, radical responsibility, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, the West Division became a pacesetter by delivering industry-leading results. Steve was responsible for all Comcast Cable operations in the Western U.S., leading nearly 30,000 employees, serving over 11 million customers, and driving annual revenue of nearly $18 billion.

Today, Steve applies the same winning philosophy to his new post as president and special counsel to the CEO of Comcast Cable.

Deliberate Directions

Steven A. White was the oldest of those four sons. “It was the perfect case for me to be a victim,” he told Advisors Magazine in a recent interview, “but certainly my mother had a clearly different vision for her four little boys.” Today, White serves as president and special counsel at Comcast.

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