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Receiving this week’s honor as an inductee into  Syndeo Institute’s Cable Hall of Fame is a big win for everyone on my journey. You all know who you are.

Without the incredible people I worked with over the years and the phenomenal mentors, colleagues, and “kitchen cabinet” members who gave advice when I needed it, I would not be receiving this honor. Thanks to everyone who made this achievement possible.

Steve launched his Comcast career in 1996 as Regional Vice President, invigorated by a successful tenure at Colgate-Palmolive where he managed the overall toothbrush business to register a 430% net sales increase. A commitment to his why and the influence of mentors enabled him to demonstrate consistent growth for his teams and divisions, which led to increasing leadership responsibilities.

Today, Steve applies that same winning philosophy to his new post as President, Special Counsel to the CEO of Comcast.

Success Story Podcast

Steve White is a renowned business executive, best known for his leadership roles at Comcast, including serving as the President of Comcast’s West Division. Under his leadership, Steve nurtured an environment that prioritized talent development and diversity, overseeing nearly 30,000 employees and generating billions in revenue. If you’re looking to level up your leadership, entrepreneurship, and relationships, you’re going to love Steve.


Today on the Dr. Patty Ann Podcast, we get to know the inspiring story of Steve White, who serves as President, Special Counsel, working with Comcast.

Steve credits his success to investing in others. He learned this lesson when he was fired from his job as a sales manager for not caring for others. A higher-up executive, Darnell Martin, took Steve under his wing and helped him see his potential. This mentorship transformed Steve’s life and career, leading him to where he is today.

The Trust Doctor Podcast

We all want to lead a life filled with purpose, success, and influence. But how do we chart the path to fulfillment? Where should we turn to find the life we all want? How do we leave a meaningful legacy?

In this 8-session series, keynote speaker and Comcast executive Steven White will share his seven pathways to success, giving us a new approach to finding an impactful lifestyle of working, living, and being.

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