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Eternal Leadership

In part 1 of the podcast, he provides the listeners with tried and proven wisdom on getting promoted and understanding your “whys.” He states, “If you are doing something that is not consistent with your “why” and purpose, it’s a problem.”

Career Couch with Dr. Carole & Friends

As president of Comcast’s West Division for eleven years, Steve White created a culture defined by the catchphrase “Working Together to Win Together.”

Driven by continuous learning, radical responsibility, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, the West Division became a pacesetter by delivering industry-leading results. Steve was responsible for all Comcast Cable operations in the Western U.S., leading nearly 30,000 employees, serving over 11 million customers, and driving annual revenue of nearly $18 billion.

Today, Steve applies the same winning philosophy to his new post as president and special counsel to the CEO of Comcast Cable.

Deliberate Directions

Uncertain times can cause us to reflect about and reassess what really matters to us. When we take that time to get quiet, pray, and really ask ourselves why we’ve been put on the earth to begin with, we can begin to feel a sense of purpose that directs our next move.

Jesus Calling Podcast

Steven A. White was the oldest of those four sons. “It was the perfect case for me to be a victim,” he told Advisors Magazine in a recent interview, “but certainly my mother had a clearly different vision for her four little boys.” Today, White serves as president and special counsel at Comcast.

Advisors Magazine

Steve White has had a storied career in the cable industry, including 11 years as president of Comcast’s West Division, where he managed 30,000 employees and drove annual revenue past $18 billion. But he cites helping his single mother clean hotel rooms as a young boy as the turning point in his life and business philosophy.

As president and special counsel to the CEO of Comcast on diversity, equity, and inclusion, Steve White takes these hot-button issues seriously. And he thinks many employers are missing the mark, especially when it comes to the Great Resignation, which he calls the Great Reset.


Steve lives out an uncompromising will to keep his purpose front and center. That purpose is to create a table of prosperity that everyone can participate in and enjoy. Steve is president, special counsel to the CEO of Comcast Cable. He works with executives on a number of important initiatives, including leadership development, strategic planning, diversity, equality, inclusion (DE&I), and digital equality.

Alain Guillot Podcast: Life, Leadership, and Money Matters

I started leading frontline employees at Pepsi. These are men and women who are driving trucks to make deliveries at grocery stores, these are merchandisers who are in the stores merchandising the products and services. I really had to focus on what was important to them.

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Discover Your Talent – Do What You Love

Steve White’s path from the housing projects to president of Comcast West was punctuated by defining—and often heart-wrenching—moments. Moments that helped him identify what matters most and how he positively made a difference in his life and in those around him.

Black Entrepreneur Experience

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