Steve White New Leaders and DU Daniels College of Business
October 1, 2021

Two Great Organizations, Two Ways to Serve My Why

I'm excited to announce two new opportunities to serve my community through board service with New Leaders and an executive in residence for the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business.

It’s with great enthusiasm that I announce two new organizations where I have the privilege of demonstrating my passion for education and innovation. The first is through board service with New Leaders, and the second is an executive in residence for the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business.

Many of you know that I like to share the idea that two of the most important days in your life are the day you’re born and the day you discover why. If not for the educators, coaches, and mentors in my life who showed me how I could live my why, I may never have reached my potential. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to pay it forward and contribute to these dynamic organizations in their respective fields.

This year, New Leaders celebrates twenty years of transformational impact with their flagship principal preparation program. Since 2001, they have developed more than six thousand outstanding educational leaders who reach 750,000 students in more than forty-five cities nationwide.

As part of a fourteen-member executive cohort, I’ll have the chance to make a difference at DU’s Daniels College of Business and its department of management. The College’s goal is to build ethical leaders for a digital future, so I’m eager to lend my experience from the field, provide a voice for this priority, and add value to the student experience.

I recently wrote about walking two paths on the same journey. One is your professional path, and the other is your path of service. I’d love to hear about your paths. Is there a cause you feel passionate about? Tell me about it!

Live your why,


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