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August 10, 2021

Steve White to Speak at ACE Scholarships 2021 Vision Summit

"Education has been a central pillar to my career and success. I'm honored to support national organizations making it possible for kids of every background to pursue an education." – Steve White

From September 16 to 18, Steve White will be a speaker at the ACE Scholarships 2021 Vision Summit. The Vision Summit brings together leaders from across the country and across industries including education, business, and philanthropy. ACE will share its ambitious plan to help a rising generation realize the American Dream—a life of hope and opportunity that starts with a great education. Powerful presenters and exceptional entertainers will share ACE’s message of freedom and potential.

Click here to learn more about the ACE Scholarships 2021 Vision Summit.

The event will be hosted at St. Regis Resort, Aspen, CO.

About ACE Scholarships: Since ACE Scholarships was founded in 2000, the organization has awarded over 42,000 scholarships with a cumulative worth of more than $102M, helping to send kids from low-income families to the schools of their choice.

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  1. David Day

    Will the speech be streamed live? Unable to attend in person.

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