October 30, 2020

In New Stages of Life, Let Your Reflections Fuel Future Success

“We don’t learn from experience; we learn from reflecting on experience.” – John Dewey

“We don’t learn from experience; we learn from reflecting on experience,” said John Dewey, a passionate educator and a leading thinker of his time.

I believe leaders have much to gain through reflection. When you allow yourself time to look inward, you can examine how well you’re connecting with your why. You can also evaluate if it’s the right moment to stretch yourself in new ways. I’m experiencing one of those moments.

It is with sadness and excitement that I announce my next chapter in life. I’m stepping away from my position as president of the Comcast West Division.  

As you can imagine, this decision didn’t come easily, but life is often about honoring that inner voice and your internal compass. It’s about making choices to use your gifts in new ways for worthy reasons. My why is to serve others—to create a table of prosperity for all. 

One of my mentors, Darnell Martin, introduced me to this idea early in my career. Looking back, a seat at the table might have meant a chance at something better, an insight on how to be a stronger leader, or encouragement I needed to hear in the moment. Since then, I’ve looked for ways that I could provide that same seat for others. 

I’m grateful that I could set that table at Comcast. As I embark on this next phase of my journey, it’s time to expand my table of prosperity for others in three ways:


I’m excited to spend more time with my wife, Barbita, and seven-year-old Stevie. I want to be there to witness and contribute to the significant milestones in their lives. 


I’m passionate about giving back in the area of education through philanthropic pursuits and by speaking and writing about leadership. 


I’ll contribute on a part-time basis as president, special counsel to Comcast Cable’s CEO. I’ll also advise businesses as a board member with three different publicly traded companies.

Reflection is not only a powerful tool that helps you cull the learning moments you’ve shared with others in the past, but it’s also an essential practice for revisiting your why. As you reflect on the opportunities that were given to you, what might be a way that you can share your prosperity with others? Who can you bring up and along with you?

Stand by your why,

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  1. Daniel Soane

    Steve – Congratulations on your decision. I am very excited for you and admire the choice you are making to share your wisdom (it makes me feel old to say that) and give back to the community. I also, as a parent of 5 children, appreciate how precious and rewarding every moment with our children is. You don’t get those moments back.
    While I haven’t had the opportunity to spend any time with you in many years, I have enjoyed following your career and will always consider you a friend and someone whose counsel I have and will always value.

    Very best,

  2. Linda Behr

    All the very best to you Steve and for Barbita and Stevie.

  3. Stevette Gibson

    Love this!

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