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November 23, 2021

Being Physically Fit Helps You Live Your Why

Being mentally prepared is important, but today is about being physically prepared to be your best and face life's challenges.

The purpose of these weekly videos is to talk about what it means to live your why, be your best in your why, and live your life with purpose. And I love to always share this advice: “Start your day with purpose.”

In previous videos, I’ve talked about getting yourself mentally right through daily reflection. Well, today is about being physically fit because living your why takes work. It takes effort. And so you need to be mentally prepared and physically prepared.

This morning I just finished my morning workout with my main man, Ken Washington. He’s my accountability coach. I’ve invested in a personal trainer to help me be the best I can be physically so I can take on life’s challenges. And so whatever you do, be mentally fit. But also don’t forget about being physically fit. You don’t need a personal trainer – get your spouse, get your kids, get your best buddies, anyone that can help you maintain your accountability to being your best.

Being mentally prepared is important. But today is about being physically prepared to be your best. As you move forward, life is full of challenges, but live your why and have a great Thanksgiving.

Trust me when I say life is full of challenges. In my new book, Uncompromising, I describe my journey from the housing projects to the board room. My life has been one of vision, grit, and a relentless focus on possibility and purpose, and I hope to inspire you to live the same way.

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