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Steve White is a universally relatable and inspiring speaker who engages audiences with authenticity, humor, and humility. His hard-won insights help your audience FIND THEIR FIGHT — what matters most — and where they can make the biggest difference.

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How an unwavering commitment to your why leads to an impactful life and a lasting legacy

How does a poor kid from the housing projects make it to the upper echelon of corporate America? For Steve White, it’s the result of an uncompromising attitude and work ethic. A natural storyteller, Steve’s mission as a leader and now a speaker has been to create a table of prosperity for all. He inspires audiences to tap into their own potential by relating lessons learned from painful yet pivotal moments on his life journey. 

It is these painful yet pivotal moments that have inspired Steve to reflect on and live by seven pathways—universal truths that have led him through crucible moments and critical life changes. Today, Steve shares these pathways with audiences and in his new book, Uncompromising

Share in Steve’s Breakthrough Results

For corporate leaders and their teams:

  • Lead teams and organizations with purpose and intentionality.
  • Effectively drive change and transformation.
  • Create an organization of inclusiveness through purpose.
  • Cultivate better employee retention during the Great Resignation.
  • Leverage the power of expectations to improve employee performance.
  • Learn to adopt an unflinching focus on what’s most important.
  • Discover how to maximize possibilities and opportunities.

For nonprofit leaders, teams and donors:

  • Be inspired by Steve’s journey and leverage his life lessons.
  • Discover how to make a difference where you serve and live.
  • Learn how to clearly articulate your organization’s purpose.
  • Motivate your donor community to align with your mission.
  • Leverage the power of setting expectations to create better board and staff performance.
Book cover for Uncompromising by Steven A. White, featuring 7 pathways to success and fulfillment


How an unwavering commitment to your why leads to an impactful life and a lasting legacy



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